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What Can I Thrift For $20?

I often say in my videos that if Nathan asks, my thrift haul was "like $20". Because it was just a couple or even a few $20 bills. This month I decided to make things interesting and challenge myself to my strictest thrift budget yet: go thrifting with only a $20 bill and bring home an actual $20 thrift haul. Let's see what $20 gets me at the thrift shop.

I chose a smaller Goodwill location in the middle of the day hoping to find the least amount of stuff. Even then, I was stressed before even entering the store. The anxiety of missing out on a really cool, one-of-a-kind find that I'll probably never have a chance at finding again is very real for me even without a strict spending limit. I could just see myself walking through those sliding doors and finding the most amazing thing... for $21.

Thankfully, the thrift store was very busy and fairly picked over just as I'd hoped. Someone had donated a large collection of beautiful books, but none I had to have. I was originally going to avoid looking at clothes entirely, but I only found one decor item I wanted so I started to peruse a few of the clothing racks.

First up was this adorable Halloween turtleneck and a pair of chartreuse corduroy pants. Adorable together, although the pants were a little snug. I got the turtleneck, left the pants, and will be watching for a similar pair to wear with the top for fall.

Next up was a cute dragonfly skirt. Very early 2000's and definitely something I would've worn back then, but not so much now. I left it for someone else.

I tried on this Egyptian cat dress just for fun, but it actually looked and felt amazing! I can totally envision how I'd style this piece, but I have a feeling it's meant for someone else so I left it.

Passed up a couple too-big sewing projects, but got this too-small sewing project. Isla was with me on this trip and she and I both loved this whimsical, mountain scene skirt. I'm going to turn it into a dress for her.

These were the two I made myself choose between. A neutral sweater-dress and a cropped blazer. I've been looking for a dress similar to this, but I'm trusting in my ability to find another one that's higher quality in the future.

Side note: This dress is Forever 21 and had a dry cleaning tag. Who dry cleans forever 21??

I went with the cropped blazer because I really like the structure and details and I think I'll get a lot more use out of it. Although I was just telling myself earlier this week that I needed to stop buying blazers and jackets because I don't wear them...

Seeing both pieces now, They probably would've looked super cute styled together.

My total came to...$23.98

So no, I was not able to stay within my $20 budget this trip. I absolutely blame the blazer because that thing ended up being $9 when I thought it was like $6. I really need to pay more attention to the signs in the store.

Oh and here's the one decor item I brought home. A little rattan wine caddy that I'll be using to display/store some of our olive oils and vinaigrettes.

Overall, I'm happy with my finds and we'll just have to attempt this challenge again sometime and see if I can do better.


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