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Thrift Tip No. 392


This particular thrift tip pertains to those finds that you feel like you can't justify because you don't know where you would put it or how you would use it. I'm here to tell you to get it anyway. Not everything you find and like obviously, but those things that you get a gut feeling about.

I'm a sucker for toile and when I found this pink toile fabric with the cutest fringe trim detail, I was so excited. But there was such a small amount of fabric to work with and I almost put it back. I got that gut feeling that I would regret leaving it behind so I tossed it in the cart anyway.

I told Nathan I really liked the fabric, but didn't know if I could do anything with it and he suggested it would make a good bedskirt. I immediately knew I was going to turn it into a crib skirt for Isla. The color and theme was perfect! I most likely wouldn't have enough to do the entire crib, but I was determined to make it work.

Since her bed is pushed against two walls, I thought maybe I could get away with wrapping it around just the two exposed sides, but it was too short for even that so I just used it to cover the front of the crib.

To secure it, I just hot glued the edge of the fabric to the inside edge of the crib. It was super easy, took no time at all, and I'll be able to easily remove it and use the fabric in another way when Isla outgrows her crib. Here's a look at the finished look:

Every time I add a new piece to this room, I love the space even more. I'm having so much fun watching this space fill with new colors, fun patterns, and whimsical details. If you missed the wallpaper I added to this space, you can check out that project here and stick around because I'll be featuring one more beautiful spot in this space soon!


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