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What I Thrifted This Week

A couple vintage books that will look great on my shelves.

A new bell lady to add to my collection!

A book with some great nature illustrations that I'll use on my clipboard wall in the future.

Two pressed flower art pieces.

I have way too many mixing bowls, but I couldn't pass up this adorable peach set!

Some embroidered daisies.

A set of cufflinks I plan to style with a cute button down.

This gorgeous locket brooch.

A set of vintage prints similar to one I thrifted on vacation a couple weeks ago.

A hand-embroidered bag.

A beautiful, vintage hand mirror I plan to style on a mirrored tray I found a few months ago. I've wanted a pretty vanity mirror since I was little, but any time I found one in the past, it was either too expensive, too ornate, or just didn't feel like "the one". I found this beauty for $5 and I love the subtle embellishments and gold color! Definitely worthy of a spot in my home.

And lastly, an adorable shrew illustration perfect for spring.


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