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What I Thrifted This Week

This week I ventured a couple towns over for an errand and discovered a Goodwill I'd never been to before. It was so big and so full of pretty, vintage things in great condition! I scored a great haul and am looking for any excuse to drive back over to this spot for another trip! Here's a look at what I found:

Let's start with the weirdest one. I bought these super heavy, super realistic faux bagels. I'm pro faux fruit when it comes to decor as long as it looks realistic and apparently now I'm expanding that to include faux baked goods. One child has already attempted to take a bite out of these so I'd say they're pretty convincing.

I found this original sketch at Habitat for Humanity for 75 cents!

Another pestle-less mortar to add to my collection.

My mom has a beautiful pair of vintage sconces and I keep seeing similar ones at my thrift stores. This week I decided to add a couple to my house too!

I love the patina on this little copper vase and I think it'll go perfectly with another copper vase I've had for years.

I scored two baskets this week. One would make a pretty planter and the other looks like it's meant for a wine bottle. Perfect for a hostess gift!

Found another blue and white plate for the plate wall I'm working on!

I'm always intrigued by vintage perfume bottles, but rarely go for them. However, this white scottie dog was too cute to pass up! He's from the 70's and is full of old, nasty-smelling perfume I need to get rid of.

I have a small collection of glass Christmas trees and added two more this week!

These metal napkin rings are so gorgeous.

Nothing special to show yet, but I found a great shelf to add to Emmitt's room this week. I'll be painting it white to match a couple others he has.

I have a problem when it comes to cute mugs and I found three this week! One possibly mid-century vintage and two handmade.

These adorable pewter candleholders were a Marketplace find and I can't wait to style them for Halloween.

I don't usually show all the fashion pieces I thrift, but these vintage plaid jackets were too good not to share! The green is Pendleton from the 80's. Not sure when the red is from, but it's definitely old.

Another fashion find I'm proud of is this pair of corduroy pants. Not old, but very cute and 50% off.

I was in search of a pitcher and this is the one I found. Love the shape and also half off!

I've mentioned on social media that I've been looking for lampshades and on this trip I found two of the exact style I've been trying to track down! They're huge and in great condition and that scalloped edge is what I had really been hoping to find. I'm planning to repurpose them as a whimsical, DIY light fixture for Isla's room.


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