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What I Thrifted This Week

Marketplace Finds:

You can watch my Facebook Marketplace adventures from the week here

I scored two GIANT planters for $5!!! And the bird cage chandelier will be getting a makeover once I decide where I want to put it.

Thrift Store Finds:

I found this tiny straw bag in the kids section and am very tempted to style it with one of my own outfits. I think its adorable!

This fun wicker picture frame with a giant bow

Here are the books I found at the book sale...

A couple vintage finds from the 30's and 50's

This book on the founding of America that will be perfect coffee table decor come July

A Williams-Sonoma cookbook from the 90's

A collector's edition of Gray's Anatomy that will look really cool on the clipboard wall at Halloween

An origami book for the clipboard wall

A drawing book also for the clipboard wall

And one final set for the clipboard wall. I found a book on knot tying at the sale and knew it would be an awesome look if I could find a book on sailing or the ocean. Then next time I went out I scored this beyond perfect sailing book!

A set of six blue, vintage glasses

A tiny gold frame with a pretty blue and white pitcher and basin

I always say shop out of season and this week I found this adorable Christmas salt & pepper shaker set

This vintage-style bird mug is so pretty and I love the color scheme

One of my favorite finds was these cuff bracelets. Two have gorgeous mother of pearl detail and one also has wood and some other material too.

I'm not quite sure what my plan is for this decorative crown, but I'm going to start with painting it gold and see where things go from there

Antique Shop Finds:

This dainty gold and jade necklace (the chain looks more silver in the picture)

One booth had several beautiful cameo brooches. I left all those behind (which might've been a mistake) and just brought home a set of earrings

Found this super cute dress for Isla

My last antique find of the day was this adorable scottie sketch that I found right before I was about to check out.

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