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What I Thrifted This Week

Let me start by saying I went back to the same Goodwill three times within a 24 hour period this week. Nothing will haunt you more than the things you didn't buy at the thrift store and I knew I was going to have a few regrets if I didn't go back for some things. That being said, I found really great treasures this week! My favorite being a green armchair for $25 that now makes the perfect "his and hers" set with a tweed chair I thrifted a few months ago.

Scroll through to see what I bought and my plans for it all.

Thrift Stores:

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing for the first time: Mr & Mrs Green Chair

I talk about the blue and white plate wall I'm building all the time and here's a new addition to that. I'm playing around with mixing in a few woven trays and chargers, this being the first.

I found these egg holders I'm going to "plant" bottlebrush trees in for Christmas

A koi dish I'm obsessed with. I'll try to work it into my plate wall, but don't know if the styles will clash.

These two red plates will mis-match with some others I have

I don't go into an office or travel for business anymore, but I couldn't resist this giant magenta computer bag.

A lovely Italian bud vase

This is the first item I went back to the store for. I think this antique chamber pot is gorgeous even if it is for...well, you know.

When I went back for the chamber pot, I spotted this pretty faux plant that quickly found a home in Isla's room.

This lighthouse print will be going to Emmitt's room.

A pretty paisley scarf

A set of vintage curtains was another thing I returned for. I wasn't sure they'd still be there when I went back, but thankfully they were and they were half off! You can watch the drama of that ordeal unfold here.

Facebook Marketplace:

It's not hung yet, but I scored an amazing wicker mirror that you can see here.

My Mother's Day present is coming from Marketplace this year and I can't tell you how excited I am for it! This is all I'll show now, but make sure you subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on social media for the big reveal coming this week!

Garage Sales:

We spent the weekend going to several garage sales. Watch our adventures and see what I found here.


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