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What I Thrifted This Week

For Mother's Day this year I wanted to spend the day dragging my family around to garage sales. We started at a nearby community sale where I hit it big and only spent $6! My biggest score was something that's been on my vintage wishlist for years.

Then we rushed downtown where I had scheduled a Marketplace pickup for a couple really cool vintage pieces. We were only a couple blocks away from the Children's Museum (which is amazing if you've never been) so we headed there next and spent a few hours riding the carousel and exploring.

On the way home we stopped by a thrift shop, picked up Jenga, and spent the rest of the evening teaching the kids how to play. It was an amazing Mother's Day and I can't wait to share everything I found so get scrolling!

Garage Sales:

Wishlist item first. I found this beautiful cast iron cauldron and can't wait to style it for Halloween! You can hear all about how I found it here.

I bought three gorgeous vintage leather belts and should've just bought all they had.


I found this set of vintage suitcases for $20 on Marketplace. I love old suitcases, but I usually am able to talk myself out of getting them. Couldn't resist that red, white, and blue plaid for my summer decor though.

Thrift Shops:

A large Magnolia print with a beautiful gold frame

A little sailboat watercolor that was totally an impulse buy on my way to the register

A set of eight little white plates with adorable pink trim

A larger version of Emmitt and Isla's Easter Baskets so now the adult basket will match the kids


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