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Whimsical Nursery Decor

It's time for another Thrift Store Challenge hosted by two of my lovely friends, Emily from Le Cultivateur and Tara from Stilettos and Shiplap. Each month a group of us DIY-loving thrifters get together to show off our latest thrift flips, DIY projects, and repurposed vintage finds. Everyone's projects are linked at the bottom of this post so be sure to check them out!

I've been making a lot of progress on the nursery this past month and it's felt so good to finally pull that space together and make it feel like an actual bedroom. I'll be focusing on how I redid one corner of the nursery using lots of repurposed items for this Thrift Store Challenge.

I've repurposed a lot of decor from around the house in this space and have had a lot of fun redoing some old pieces to fit this new room. I'm going for a whimsical, fairytale vibe so I'm using lots or rich colors, nature elements, gold accents, and, of course, vintage details.

I took the little bird mobile that used to hang in Emmitt's nursery and turned it from silver to gold with a little "Antique Gold" Rub n Buff to match the gold tones I'm using in Isla's room.

Next I took an old model ship I had bought from Facebook Marketplace for $5 a couple years ago and painted the whole thing white. I used a little Rub n Buff on the anchors and other tiny details to tie in the gold on the birds. My plan was to suspend the birds and ship above Isla's changing station to look kind of like a Peter Pan-esque flying ship. Nathan secured it for me with strong, clear fishing line and I think we totally achieved the look I was going for.

This teal Jacobean credenza belonged to Nathan's family and we inherited it shortly after we got married. It's a gorgeous piece, but I wanted to make a few updates and get it to fit better with our decor. Someday I think I'll completely redo it, but for now I wanted just a quick and easy update so I opted to repaint the doors and drawers.

I went through my stash of "oops" paint (paint that was deemed wrong in some way and put on clearance at the hardware store) and swatched a few to see how they would look against the teal. My brain told me go for a pink to tie in all the other pinks in the room, but my gut told me to try out a pretty sea foam blue. I painted my entire first coat with my tiny swatching brush because I was so uncommitted to the color.

I kept thinking I would paint over it with pink in the end, but wanted to see just a little more of the cabinet done in blue to get an accurate idea of what it would look like. The more I looked at it, the more it grew on me so I went for a second coat (with a real brush this time) and totally loved the cooled-down look. I think it was exactly what the space needed to balance out all the warmer pinks.

I love how this corner of the nursery came together. The credenza turned out even better than I expected and I'm glad I trusted my gut with the blue. And the flying ship is everything I hoped it would be and more. Perfect whimsical fairytale vibes and I'm so excited and inspired to do more in this nursery.

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