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White Chocolate Mocha

One of the best parts of fall is all the warm drinks and cute mugs that come with the cooler weather. It's also way more acceptable to have those delicious drinks whenever you want! Morning, noon, or night, there’s never a bad time to cozy up with a warm cup. But all those extra drinks can add up and if you skip the coffee shop and make your own you miss out on all the fun flavors right? Wrong!

To welcome fall and the increase of caffeine, I'm sharing a classic with you today: my recipe for white chocolate mocha. Let's face it, those extra drinks are going to add up and this recipe is a great money saving at-home go to if you're a fan of one well-known coffee chain in particular. So grab a cute mug and let's get started!

(This recipe is for a single serving so if you're cozying up with someone special, double it.)

First off, you're going to need some strong coffee and I mean STRONG! When I make it, I usually double the amount of grounds I would normally use. You want to bring in that rich, coffee flavor. Otherwise you'll probably end up with a white chocolate hot chocolate (which honestly doesn't sound too bad, but that's not what we're making here).

Once you've got your super hot, super strong coffee, mix in your white chocolate so it can start to melt (stir it good so it doesn't all sit at the bottom). Next add your milk, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Because the milk is cold, this drink is usually a good temperature to drink right away! But I would recommend testing the temp before you add you whipped cream in case you need to pop it in the microwave.

Top with whipped cream (the more the merrier) and sprinkle with a little cinnamon to make it look pretty. And there you have it, a cup of Starbuck--I mean startlingly good white chocolate mocha. Enjoy!


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