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Your New Favorite Art Hack

Art is one of my favorite things to thrift for. I especially love finding vintage prints and original works. But when I can't find exactly what I'm looking for for a space, I have a thrifty art hack I turn to that never fails.

In addition to art, I try to always watch for beautiful frames that can be repurposed and art/photography books. They're great for coffee table styling, but they're also perfect for this hack.

Take the glass from your frame and use it to trace out one of the pictures in your book.

If the picture is too small for the frame, cut out a solid-colored paper to layer behind your picture to create a matted look. I used a full page of text from the same book as my background.

Close up your frame and you've got beautiful, framed art that totally fits the look of your space for a fraction of the price!


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