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12 Gift Ideas For Thriftmas

The controversial question that comes up each year: "Is it ok to thrift gifts?"

Here at Worcester Run, we're pro-Thriftmas, but with a few stipulations. First, you've gotta know your recipient. If they're someone who would turn their nose up at the thought of something pre-owned, probably best to not. Second, the item needs to still be gift-worthy. Nothing broken or excessively used, etc. And Lastly, be careful when gifting clothes or electronics as they wouldn't be returnable if something is wrong with them or they don't fit.

Outside of these "rules" I think thrifting and vintage shopping is a perfectly acceptable way to find Christmas gifts and I've got a list of 12 Thriftmas ideas you can start looking for now to create sweet and thoughtful gifts this holiday season!

1. Dessert Plates

Thrift a set of pretty dessert plates and tie them up with some ribbon and a cute note. If you really want to go the extra mile, include some homemade treats or something from your favorite local bakery.

2. Wine Glasses

If there's one thing you can always find at the thrift shop, it's glassware. Search for a pretty set of glasses and pair them with a bottle of wine.

3. Crystal Vase

This one is a great host gift for when you've been told to "just bring yourself!". Find a stunning crystal vase and fill it with a pretty floral arrangement.

4. For the Cook

If you have a friend who loves cooking/baking and vintage, look for a vintage rolling pin or wooden spoon, something along those lines and pair it with a cookbook you think they'd love. The cookbook can be thrifted or maybe a new release they've had their eye on.

5. Napkins or a Tablecloth

Something I see often at thrift shops are really nice, barely-used cloth napkins and tablecloths. If you know someone who likes to entertain, this can be a perfect gift option tied up with some color-coordinating ribbon.

6. A Picnic

This one is a favorite of mine because it doubles as a gift of quality time. Thrift a cute picnic basket and fill it with lunch for you and them. Too cold for a picnic you say? Set up indoors with a cozy blanket and favorite Christmas movie! This is also a great gift to give to couples so they have everything they need for a picnic date.

7. A Framed Photo

If you want to go the sentimental route, find a beautiful picture frame and fill it with a cherished photo of you and them. If this gift is for a grandparent, fill it with a picture of the grandkids! Whatever you think would be most meaningful to them.

8. Coffee Table Decor

Find a coffee table book related to their interests and then thrift a couple other things that could be styled on a coffee table. Maybe a basket/tray, a small, stylish bauble, etc. Maybe throw in a holiday candle too! Anything that would go well together and look nice on someone's coffee table.

9. Homemade Gifts

If you like to make your own gifts, collect jars or pretty bottles from thrift shops to fill with homemade spice or cocoa mixes, olive oil, vanilla extract, chocolate pretzels, etc.

10. For the Coffee Lover

I love to find handmade, unique, or vintage mugs at thrift stores. If you find a really great one, pair it with coffee grounds from a local coffee shop and a homemade creamer or syrup.

11. Candle Holders

Thrift shops always seem to have beautiful, vintage candle holders and votives. Polish them up and gift them with a set of tapers or holiday scented candles.

12. A Charcuterie Board

Thrift a decorative cutting board or cheese plate and maybe a cheese knife set to go with it. Package it with cheese, meat, and crackers and you've got a mini charcuterie board all set to go!

Happy shopping and have a very merry Thriftmas!


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