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10 Things You Should Start Thrifting Now For Fall

Listen, I know it's still crazy hot right now and we've got a lot more summer to get through, but you know what would make you feel better? Thrifting for fall. Get into that cozy state of mind and start thinking about what you want your autumn to look like.

Here's some ideas for what to start watching for at the thrift store leading up to the fall season.

Copper & Pottery

Keep an eye out for copper details and beautiful pottery pieces to incorporate as functional decor in your kitchen for that cozy, cottage feel.


I'm very inspired by the fashion from the 90's show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and velvet was seen a lot on that show. Especially paired with sheer details. I've been collecting a few velvet pieces this past year and I think you should start too!


This one might be just me, but I'm loving the theme of insects lately. Either whimsical ones like butterflies and moths or something that looks slightly scientific like the DIY beetles I made a couple months ago. Watch for insect motifs in artwork, clothing patterns, dishes, and more.

Vintage Clocks

There's just something about vintage desk and mantel clocks that fits right in with fall in my mind. The older and/or tinier the better.

Florals & Plaids

When it comes to patterns, I love mixing plaids with florals for fall. Such a perfect blend of masculine and feminine and so cozy especially when done in a rich or moody color scheme.


Pumpkins in general are a given, but I'll be thrifting specifically for faux pumpkins to expand my DIY book page pumpkin collection this year.

Antique Stools

Another detail that will instantly make your kitchen feel like a cozy cottage. Or style one in an entryway, a bathroom, or as a nightstand in a bedroom. The options are endless with the right vintage stool.

Unique Bookends

Old books and unique bookends or things that can be styled as bookends like corbels, statues, etc. will always look stylish no matter the season.

Blanket Skirts

One of my favorite fall styles is the blanket skirt. Who doesn't want an excuse to walk around wrapped in a blanket all day?? You can find lots of vintage ones or modern recreations while thrifting or shopping the right estate sales. Or make your own if you've got some sewing knowledge and a vintage blanket!

Plaid or Tweed Blazers

And, of course, plaid or tweed blazers to wear over all your favorite autumn outfits. Bonus points for elbow patches.

I know it's still early, but it never killed anyone to plan ahead, right? Keep fall in mind next time you're at the thrift store and let me know if there's anything that should be on this list that I missed!


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