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6 Things I'll Die If I Don't Thrift

Alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But if you're a thrifter, you probably know that there are just certain things you buy every time you find them. It doesn't matter how many you already have or if you have a need or purpose for it, you have to bring it home.

Here are just a few of the must-thrift finds I can never leave behind.

Woven Trays & Baskets

While I'm picky about look, color, etc, I have a really hard time leaving a basket that fits my style when I find one. Particularly if I think they'd go well in my kitchen. They're the perfect thing for creating a cozy, European-cottage-style kitchen.

Old Books

This should come as no surprise given that I turned a extra bedroom in my house into a library. Give me all the beautiful book covers and tattered and stained pages!

Vintage Or Leather Bags

It's very true that "they don't make em like they used to". Whenever I come across a beautifully crafted vintage purse, especially if it's leather, I can't say no. You just can't find that kind of quality these days or if you can, you're going to pay an insane amount for it.

Brass Animals

I love collecting vintage brass animals and figurines, but they're pretty popular and can get a little pricey. I once saw a itty bitty brass snail at a Habitat for Humanity for $60! In addition to legitimate pieces, I like to watch for things that can be made over to look like vintage brass like the ceramic snails I found a few months ago.

Paintings & Sketches Of Paris

There's nothing better than finding original artwork at the thrift shop and some of my favorite styles to find are sketches and impressionist paintings. My favorites also usually tend to be portraits of Paris so I guess I have a type.

Vintage Aline Skirts

Usually when I find myself buying a lot of the same thing just in different colors, I'll stop myself. But I haven't been able to when it comes to high-waisted aline skirts. They're comfortable for just about every season, great quality when you find vintage ones, and they fit well with other styles in my closet so I'm gonna keep buying them.

Tell me something you can't not thrift when you see it!


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