Goat Cheese Crescent Rolls

I got the idea for goat cheese crescent rolls from my mother-in-law and now I eat them all the time! I didn't even know I liked goat cheese before I started dating Nathan! Whenever I go to her house, I cross my fingers that there will be goat cheese crescent rolls served with dinner. They're so warm, flaky, and savory, I will eat an entire tray in one sitting if left unsupervised!

Side Note: If you know you don't like goat cheese, move along. Nathan's not a fan and I always have to leave a few rolls cheese-free for him.

Homemade goat cheese filled Pillsbury crescent rolls with seasoning. Warm, cozy table setting with plaid napkins.

This is not a fancy recipe. It's not made from scratch, it's not labor intensive, but it tastes great and will probably still impress your dinner guests. I try to always keep the ingredients on hand for when I need a quick, easy addition to a meal. (Goat cheese freezes great, by the way so don't worry about what to do with the extra.)

All you'll need is a can of crescent rolls (I use Pillsbury) goat cheese, and maybe some spices. That's it! Everyone serves rolls or bread with meals, but you can take your dinners to a whole new level with this tiny addition! For this version, I've gone with original goat cheese and Herbes de Provence, but you can get as fancy as you want with the flavors. Flavored goat cheese (savory or sweet) would be great in this recipe! (With coordinating spices, of course.)

Note: I'm not going to tell you what temp to set the oven to or a specific bake time, just follow what your crescent roll package says for the best results.

Homemade goat cheese filled Pillsbury crescent rolls with seasoning. Warm, cozy table setting with plaid napkins.

Pop open your dough and lay out the triangles like you normally would when preparing crescent rolls. (I spray my baking sheet to keep my rolls from sticking, but you decide what will work best with your pan/tray.)

Scoop out a little slice of goat cheese and place it at the base of your triangle. Keep it towards the middle of the base. You'll want to leave enough dough at the bottom to roll easily and you don't want the cheese too close to the edges or it'll leak out when the rolls bake.

You can decide how much cheese to put in your rolls, but I usually go with about two teaspoons of cheese left in a little mound (not spread around) in each triangle.

Next, roll up your your triangles starting from the base and rolling towards the point (just how the directions on the packaging say). Once I've got my dough rolled, I pinch the corners just a bit to make sure all that goat cheesy goodness stays inside my rolls while they bake.

Sprinkle each little roll with a pinch of your spice or herb of choice and toss them in the oven (following the recommended cook time on your roll package) until they're golden brown. When you remove them from the oven, let them cool for a couple minutes and then move them to a plate and serve.

And there you have it! The perfect little side dish for any meal.