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How Much Did That Room Cost? Dressing Room

Last month we broke down just how much my (almost) completely thrifted living room cost to create. Let's do the same with a space you've probably seen often if you follow me on social media: my dressing room.

I have an extra little space in my bedroom to the side of my closet that I turned into a "dressing room". It's a spot I film in a lot so you've probably seen it as the backdrop to some of my videos.

Unlike the living room, everything in this space is thrifted so let's take a look at what it all cost and how long it took to curate.

Side Note: It's been a few years since purchasing some of these items so they're estimated/rounded/remembered to the best of my ability.

I found this set of beautiful, antique wardrobe doors on Facebook Marketplace for $40. Also found on Marketplace were my my mid-century hanging lights and brass dressing butler.

My Dalmatian sketches and their frames are all thrifted along with the pair of little green velvet frames. The hooks were found at an antique store and I usually keep a thrifted vintage bag hanging from them.

I have a set of vintage Hartmann suitcases that I've collected over the years. Half are from one of my favorite thrift shops and half are from Marketplace.

Here's the cost breakdown for everything:

Wardrobe Doors $40

Dalmatian Prints $8 each

Dalmatian Frames $5 each

Suitcases $35, $25, & $15

Wall Hooks $5 & $34

Lights $20

Vintage Bag $5

Green Velvet Frames $7 each

Dressing Butler $20

Total: $239

Thrifting and shopping vintage can give you an interesting space full of personality at an amazing price, but it can also take a long time to curate a space this way. So how long did this dressing room take to create?

The pieces I've had the longest are the two smaller Hartmann suitcases. I found them at a Florida thrift shop shortly after Nathan and I got married which would have been late 2015 or early 2016. The item most recently added to this corner is the dressing butler purchased 2022 so it took roughly 6 years to collect this space.

The interesting part is that only one thing on this list was bought with this space in mind (the hooks). Everything else was just purchased because I liked it and eventually it all came together to make my dressing room.


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