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Isla's Wallpaper

Last week I partnered with Photowall to totally transform Isla's room. Her room is always a favorite of mine to work on. It's so whimsical and warm and I love finding new magical elements to add to it.

One spot in her room that was definitely lacking magic was the wall opposite her crib. It's been empty and boring for far too long and when Photowall approached me about a collaboration, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to do something with this sad wall and turn it into an amazing focal point.

When I say they had so many beautiful designs to choose from, I mean I spent three days going through their site, saving my favorites, and figuring out what design would fit best in this space. Here are just a few of the patterns I considered and would love to use somewhere else in my home someday:

If you fall in love with one of these patterns and want to see how it would look in your room, just tap. And don't forget to use my code "worcester25" for 25% off any order AND free shipping! (Good for the next three months)

Ultimately I went with their Pastel Jacobean Floral I. It's gorgeous, incorporates all the colors I already had in this space, and it was extremely similar to the pattern on Isla's curtains so I felt like it was meant to be.

The process of hanging the wallpaper was pretty simple, but I was definitely intimidated by the project when I started. I'd never wallpapered before and the only time I'd seen someone attempt it was in an episode of I Love Lucy where it, of course, didn't go so well. But Photowall included all the supplies I would need and labeled all of my paper sections in order which made things really straightforward.

I started by measuring out the width of my paper sections along the wall. Then I mixed up the glue and painted it onto my first section.

I stuck my first strip of paper to the wall using the level to make sure it was straight and smoothed it all down. Then I brushed out any bubbles starting from the middle and going out and wiped away any glue that had gotten on the front of the paper. I repeated the process for the next strip and so on. After each section, I rolled over my seams to press them down.

For my outlets, I unscrewed the plates ahead of time and cut out where I could feel the hole after the paper was hung with my trimming knife.

When everything was hung, I went back and used my cutting guide and trimming knife to trim the excess ends of the paper and made sure the edges were all pressed down perfectly to dry.

I definitely made a few mistakes along the way, but I think I chose a pattern that was very forgiving for a first-timer. The cracks in the background of the image helped disguise the seams of my paper and a couple wrinkles here and there and the watercolor style in parts of my design gave me a little leeway with matching up the papers exactly.

It was an instant transformation and I seriously couldn't believe how much bigger and taller the room felt. Isla has the smallest bedroom in the house, but this statement wall helps the space feel larger takes the attention away from the fact that it's a tight space. I will absolutely be wallpapering more spaces in the future and highly recommend it if you're even slightly considering it for your home.


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