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My Secret Style-Weapon

There's one thing in my closet that unexpectedly looks good with just about everything I style it with. It's a pair of black and white gingham pants. It could be the neutral colors, it could be the classic pattern, whatever the reason, I can always count on these pants to look good, feel great, and function as the base for new outfit combinations. They've become my secret style-weapon.

The best part is, I'm constantly finding them at thrift stores so I know I'll easily be able to track down a new pair when mine has reaches the end of its life or if I ever feel like changing up the cut/style while keeping the same look. In fact, I just thrifted a pair of beige and white gingham trousers and have already come up with a few outfit combinations with them that I love!

I highly recommend trying out a pair the next time you see them or reaching for them more often if you already own some.

Here are just a few of my favorite looks to create with gingham pants.


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