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Strangest Marketplace Listings


While Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite places to shop second hand and where I find some of my coolest stuff, there's also some pretty "out there" listings. I love finding weird and unusual things on Marketplace be it people's DIY's, unique antiques, or just completely random items that definitely have a story behind them. Here are just a few of the many strange Marketplace listings I've come across.

Elevator Panel

I have a lot of questions about the person selling this and how they got it and the person buying this and what they plan to do with it.

Milk Can Table

Someone had a very specific vision when making this.

Antique Corn Shucker

This one's pretty interesting

Horseshoe Patio Set

One of the most specific design aesthetics I think I've ever seen. I've gotta wonder how comfortable those seats are.

Tiger Table

It's not the worst animal decor I've seen, but I do think he looks a little sad.

Crane Games

I don't know much about the arcade industry, but I feel like this is a steal.

Foot Stool

If nothing else, it's accurate.

Bags of Heads

You haven't shopped Facebook Marketplace until you've seen a listing for WAY too many mannequins or mannequin parts.

Alligator Bride

I can't tell if this one is a joke or not... she does look happy.


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