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The Best Estate Sale I Ever Went To

May 21st 2022 a day that will haunt my memories forever. Or at least until I find an estate sale better than the one I went to that day.

We thought we were going to a community garage sale, but in the very back of the neighborhood was a house that was significantly older than the rest. Several tables were set up in front so I started rummaging though them. As I got closer to the front door, I realized there were signs to come inside and quickly realized it was a full estate sale. The home was gorgeous although in disrepair and it was filled with antiques and vintage pieces. It was the second day of the sale, but there was still so much to look at! Two stories of beautiful furniture, artwork, knickknacks, and more.

Here's a look at just a little bit of what was at this estate sale:

I had gathered a nice little pile and kept adding to it with each room I explored. I'm glad I was filming everything I found because it's one of my favorites to look back on and think of what else I should have bought!

The tragic part of this day is that I was trying to be stricter about my purchases. You see, gas prices were crazy high at the time and when we filled up that morning, Nathan and I started joking about who would spend more money that day, me on garage sales or him on gas. And while I did pretty good at this sale spending only about $40, if I could go back there is so much more I would've gotten. To make matters worse, everything inside the house was 50% off and I didn't even realize until I was finishing up my shopping!

Here are a few of the things I would absolutely go back for if I could:

Even though I missed out on a lot that day, I did take home some really amazing finds. Beautiful books, a vintage hair pin, embroidered art (pictured), and a set of curtain pulls (pictured) that are now in my living room.

I hate myself a little bit every time I think of what could have been this day, but looking back also makes me a little hopeful that maybe I'll find another sale like this when I least expect it.


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