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The Library Doors

We've been daydreaming about knocking down a wall in our house basically since we moved in. We have an extra bedroom that functions as Nathan's office right next to the living room. It's a little large for an office so it's partially turned into a catchall space we lovingly refer to as the "junk room".

While useful, this room has always been a bit of an embarrassment, housing everything most people would hide away in an attic or garage (neither of which we have). We've always known this would be a temporary use for this space and talked about opening the room up to the rest of the house and transforming it into a functional and stylish space for our family to actually live in instead of just around.

I scored a really unique set of doors on Facebook Marketplace a couple years ago and got them as a way to make this "someday" project more of a reality. If I have the doors, I'm halfway there, right? I fell in love with the hexagon shape of the doors, but that also meant they were going to be a little trickier to install which put this project on the back burner for awhile. Nathan's parents came for a visit this past Christmas and that's when this project officially began!

I honestly can't tell you too much about the logistics of the project because Nathan and his dad pretty much did everything. But the main events included letting the kids color on the wall, cutting through and then punching through the wall for dramatic effect, a lot of measuring and a bit of rewiring. I think it took about two or three days total, but we had doors at the end of it!

Nathan's parents visited again over the summer and on this trip, they helped us design and install the transition of flooring between the rooms. We had to get a little creative with what we were working with, but ended up laying white tile between two transition pieces to fill the empty space.

This project served as a fantastic motivator for cleaning and decluttering the junk room. Firstly, to have space to even start construction and secondly for the final result of the beautifully connected spaces. It's September now, and the room is still not perfect, but little bits of progress are being made all the time whether it be through some pretty awesome Marketplace finds for this space or more decluttering.

Nathan's office is still in this room and much more functional than it was before and I'm working on creating a cozy library with the rest of the space. My clipboard wall was also relocated to this room if you missed that project. I think this will be the most satisfying room we've done in this house when it's finished and I'm so eager to keep making progress with it and turning it into something functional and beautiful.


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