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A Bewitchingly Cute DIY

Last year I saw so many adorable DIY witch hats on TikTok. Everyone seemed to have a different reimagining of the classic Halloween style and I wanted to create my own this year. For mine, I wanted something lighter and brighter and a bit unexpected when paired with the traditionally dark and spooky witch's hat.

I grabbed three woven sun hats from the store. All the same style, two tan and one pink. I started by unwinding one of the tan hats and the pink hat completely.

Then I made a large cone out of cardstock and glued it on top of my other tan hat. Even though this was a pretty simple project, it took a little trying and retrying to get the right technique. I found that having a really good cone shape/fit was key.

Next, I wound my unravelled, tan hat around the cone and secured it generously with hot glue. (Pro Tip: go over the hat with a lint roller when you finish to get rid of any leftover hot glue strings.) At first I started from the bottom and spiraled upwards, but in the end it was much easier to create the point of the hat first and work my way down. Do whichever works best for you.

To incorporate the pink, I wound it around the middle of my hat starting at the base.

When I had finally finished creating my hat, it was a little wonky. I'm chalking this up to it being my first time as a milliner. But in my experience, if you add enough flowers you can fix just about anything so that's exactly what I did. I repurposed some pretty, pink flowers from an old project and used them to visually balance out the hat.

This hat took a ton of time, a ton of hot glue, and ended up being extremely heavy in the end, but it does look quite charming styled on a vintage hat stand on my desk.

I learned a lot and may give this another shot next Halloween to see if I can improve, but for now, I'm happy with my witchy sun hat.

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