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Conjuring A Practically Magical Home

Hands down, my favorite Halloween/Fall movie is Practical Magic. The story, the cast, and the fashion are all perfection, but what I really watch this movie for again and again and again is the stunning house.

The architecture is one thing, but the decor used on that set was so so good and thankfully, a style that can easily be recreated via thrifting and antiquing! Here's a list of what to keep an eye out for if you want to conjure up your own practically magical home.


When it comes to decor, the kitchen is the focal point for this style. Look for apothecary-style, glass jars and fill them with spices and herbs like cloves, lavender, rosemary, etc.

Additionally, find large wooden and/or ceramic bowls to fill with fruit. Rustic, wooden accessories like mixing spoons or rolling pins are a plus, and, of course, copper pots and a mortar and pestle are a given.

If you really want to commit to the look, search for a wall-mounted plate rack and deep farmhouse sink as seen in this corner of their kitchen.

In other spaces of your home, try to add things like large woven baskets, old books, glass cloches, ironwork, and lots of botanical details.


If decor isn't enough and you want to stylize more of your life around this beautiful movie, think about adding some cozy, late-90's inspired pieces to your wardrobe. Crocheted items like casual sweaters and shawls, slip dresses or long skirts, and lots of earth-tones and light colors.

The set design and wardrobe of Practical Magic are truly unmatched to this day. I love finding things for my home and my personal style that remind me of this movie and using it as inspiration for how to decorate my home for the fall season. It's the perfect balance of cozy, vintage, and witchy all in a very laidback and effortless way.


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