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A Nostalgic Halloween Craft

I'm all for going all out when it comes to Halloween decor, but let's be honest, that can get expensive real quick. I wanted to take it back to simpler Halloweens this year and utilize an inexpensive and easy craft in my decor. After all, nostalgia is a big part of Halloween, isn't it?

Maybe you'll remember making these chain garlands back in your preschool/kindergarten days. They're a great way to make a big visual impact in a space for very little money. The ones I made when I was little were paper, but for this project I grabbed a few rolls of wired ribbon so the chain would be a little more durable and reusable.

I started by measuring a chain link that looked about the size I wanted and then used that piece to measure out the rest of my ribbon. Then I threaded each link through the last to form my chain, alternating my pattern.

I secured the links with a stapler (one staple on each side) to start, but my stapler died early on and I switched to a hot glue gun which worked better in my opinion. (Again, just a small dab of glue on each corner of the ribbon.)

I used four rolls of ribbon which made a super long garland. Use more or less depending on the space you're decorating. If you want to reuse your garland in the future, just pack it away and reshape the wires when you need it again.

This little craft was the perfect way to make my home a little more festive for the Halloween season without spending a lot of time or money and I love the way it turned out! I think sticking to a classic Halloween color scheme and having fun with pattern mixing really helped capture that nostalgic Halloween aesthetic.


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