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DIY Snow Globe

If you didn't read my blog post about how Emmitt and I totally "failed" this DIY the first time around, tap here.

If you already heard that story, let me show you how to make a cute little snow globe that doesn't fall apart. This is such a simple and fun Christmas craft to do with little ones. I remember making one of these as a kid and having a blast and I had a ton of fun making one with my little guy this year.

All you'll need is:

Glass jars




Super glue or liquid cement

Tiny trees or figures (pay attention to how tall your jar is and what you'll be able to fit)

Decide what you want to include in your snow globe scene and how it will all be positioned. Then glue it onto either the bottom or the lid of your jar. Normally, everything gets glued to the lid and then flipped, but the jars I picked had long necks that would hide my trees so I decided to glue everything to the base instead. Do what you think looks best.

Use super glue or liquid cement or something like that. I wasn't thinking and used hot glue on my first attempt and it didn't hold.

The best places to find tiny things to put inside your snow globe are probably going to be dollar stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and maybe Target or Walmart.

Next add some glitter. I think really fine, white glitter looks most like snow, but you can get creative with it. In this globe, I went for a white tree, black snow look. Wasn't crazy about it in the end, but that might've been because I used a larger glitter so it didn't fall nicely.

Fill your jar to the tops of your trees or figurines with water.

Now for the trick to getting your snow to fall slowly. Pour in a little glycerine and it'll thicken the water so the glitter takes its time floating to the bottom of the jar. I don't have an exact measurement for you, but don't put in too much or your glitter will stick to the jar.

Fill the jar to the very top with water. You want to get it as full as possible (without losing glitter) to avoid an air bubble in your finished globe.

Now close your jar up and give it a good swirl to mix everything together. You can add a little glue to the rim of your jar before you close it if you want a permanent snow globe. I wanted the option to repurpose mine again so I didn't do this.

Ta-da! Now you have a cute snow globe with magical slow-falling snow over your little winter scene.

(If you read my Failed DIY blog post, you'll know why my finished globe is different from my step by step globe. Not many made it to the end because of a little glue mishap.)


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