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Favorite Plaid Finds

I consider it a personal victory any time I find vintage plaid be it a blanket, skirt, coat, anything. It's my favorite pattern, especially for cooler months, and I love adding to my collection.

Here are a few favorite plaid finds I've collected over this past year that I can't wait to wear as the weather cools down.

A blue/green Pendleton jacket from the 80's.

A cozy, red wool jacket.

A long, evergreen coat from the 90's.

I have a few blanket skirts in my collection. This one isn't vintage, but it is my favorite because of the warm, neutral color scheme.

Speaking of color scheme, how gorgeous are the jewel tones in this pleated wool skirt?

This 90's dress has me wishing I worked in an office. Perfect fall business attire.

Plaid is such a cozy, nostalgic pattern to incorporate in your autumn wardrobe and thrifting is a great way to find quality, vintage pieces that are made to last.


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