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How's it Hanging?

One of the most frequent questions I get about my home is "how did you hang that?". It's been asked about a few different things so I figured I'd answer all the questions once and for all, take you through each space, and explain how everything is hung.

Before we go any further, I should divulge that the real answer to how I hang things is Nathan. He's the one who does the precise measuring, any anchoring, and all the heavy lifting. My job is to direct, supervise, and tell him "actually, a little to the left" once he's finished.

The Plate Wall

The plate wall is a newer addition to my home and the hanging process was really simple. I ordered a set of plate hangers from Amazon with varying sizes, stretched them over my plates, and then hung each on a single nail.

They do sell stickers for hanging plates and I intend to buy some to hang a plate that's too small for my metal hangers, but I hear mixed reviews about how secure they actually are and I'm chickening out a little bit.

The plate wall has a couple baskets mixed in and those are each hung with a single nail that I was able to hide within the weaving of the basket.

The Clipboard Wall

This is by far, my most-asked-about space and I totally get why. When I had this clipboard wall idea, I was stressing so much about how I would hang them. How could I hang them evenly when a lot of them don't match? Will they be flush against the wall? Do I need to drill into the back of them to attach something? Then one evening it hit me... there's a hole in the front of the clip and there's a hole in the back of the clip. It's as simple as putting a little nail through that back hole just like so many summer camps and gym teachers have done to hang their clipboards before me. I felt like I should've figured it out a lot sooner, so it makes me feel good every time someone asks how I hung the clipboards because it means I'm not the only one who didn't think of the obvious answer right away!

The Windows

There are several old windows I use around my home as decor: the set of four above my sofa, the giant mermaid window in the living room and a matching giant one hung upstairs that I don't think I've ever shown.

I hung the smaller ones two different ways. Some have a sawtooth hanger attached to the back and others have two D-rings attached on both vertical sides.

The big windows were difficult to hang due to how heavy they are. We attached extremely heavy-duty D-rings to each side on the back and Nathan anchored them into the wall with whichever anchors at our hardware store could handle the most weight. Whenever I change the design, he's the one who takes it down and hangs it back up for me.

Flying Ship

Isla's flying ship was a really fun idea to see come to life. I told Nathan what I wanted to do, we brainstormed a little, and then did some trial and error to see what would actually work.

The ship has a bit of weight to it so Nathan put two anchors in the ceiling, but before screwing them in all the way, we tied clear fishing line to each, looped it around the hull of the ship so it would be cradled in the fishing line, and then tied the line around the screws again and drilled them the rest of the way into the ceiling so the line is tied around the screws and also pinched against the ceiling.

I hope this answers all your questions about how we hung some of the decor in our home. If there's anything I didn't touch on that you're curious about, let me know!


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