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Thrifted Art Tour

One of my favorite things to thrift for is vintage and original art. It's so fun to find pieces in all different styles from all different times and use them to create uniquely curated spaces. I love imagining the story behind each piece and who the artist might have been.

Here's some paintings, prints, and sketches I've added to my home over the last few months. I have more art than wall space at the moment so many are still waiting to be hung, but I'm excited for each of them to find a permanent home soon.

I scored this gorgeously detailed painting at my favorite thrift shop recently. It's

This embroidered gentleman was waiting for us at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I kept passing by him, but didn't decide to take him with us until the very end. He's the perfect seaman to add to Emmitt's boat-themed gallery wall and the green and orange color scheme fits perfectly with the rest of the room.

I love meandering about antique shops and that's where I found this little puppy sketch. He was way too cute to leave behind! I like to think he was someone's little doodle that turned out so well they decided to frame him.

These prints were an antique shop find last summer while I was visiting family in Wisconsin. I was instantly obsessed with the whimsical color scheme and they totally made me think of Thumbelina. They're currently hanging in Isla's room and coordinate perfectly with her space.

This is a really unique piece. I love English sporting prints and this one is actually fabric that's been stuffed to add dimension to the picture. You can kind of see it from the side here. I hadn't seen this style before, but since buying this piece, I've found a couple similarly stuffed pictures at an antique shop. I think it would be so interesting to see one of these made.

I found this painting at the same time as the stuffed picture along with a couple other pieces. It was a great art haul that day. The colors and detail are so beautiful, but I also found out something interesting while researching this painting. It's signed Marie Charlot who is actually a fake artist created by an art seller that hired artists to create this style of oil paintings. The name was used on pieces from 1960 to 1970 and their value can range from the hundreds to the thousands. You can read more about these paintings and see a few of them here.

I almost missed these vintage bird prints, but am so glad I spotted them. I love the colors and style and I think I'll be hanging them in a bathroom I'm currently redoing.


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