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New Clipboard Wall

One of my favorite spots in my home to play around with and redecorate is my entryway. The clipboard wall makes it easy to switch up the look for the seasons or just because and everyone else seems to love it too. If you're new and don't know about my clipboard wall yet, you can find all the details here.

While I love to search for old books and other materials to add to my clipboards, I've been putting off redoing this wall lately because I really really loved the last look which was kind of a neutral equestrian style. But I wanted a specific look for this space going into summer so I pulled out a couple thrifted books and went for it.

I wanted something nautical, vintage, European, and masculine and that's exactly what I got! I combined a book on sailing that had lots of sketches and illustrations with an instructional book on knot tying and am obsessed with the rich color scheme. The blues and teals contrast perfectly with bold pops of marigold yellow.

This entryway flows really well with a lot of elements in the living room it connects to. The mermaid window I painted, an old ladder with some rope still attached, and we even updated the background of our TV to a ship painting to keep the coastal vibe going.

For decor, I swapped out the neutral greenery for bright yellow flowers, but kept the woven basket vase because it reminded me of rope. I also added a couple vintage suitcases I picked up from Facebook Marketplace. I love the colors of the suitcases with the wall and the mix of patterns. I've never seen a plaid suitcase like this little red white and blue one and I couldn't resist bringing it home.

Speaking of patterns, doesn't my entryway mat look a little less like vintage Parisian stars and a little more like nautical compass stars? Maybe that one's just me, but either way I love the mix of patterns, colors, and textures in this space.

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01. Juli 2022

Oh my giddy aunt!! I Absolutely 💯 % totally could not love this anymore!!! Ever since the first time I saw your wall I have wanted to do one! I had 3 vintage clipboards at the time I was going to sell, they are mine now 🤣and have since found 3 more, I need maybe 1-3 more for my bathroom wall. Anyway, what I would love to ask you for is help in knowing what books to look for to find all those drawings, etc. I had to buy some vintage botanical prints from Facebook, but I am at a loss because I have a few themes I really want and have no clue how to get the books! Could…

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