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My Most Controversial Room Makeover

I created quite the controversy last month putting the finishing touches on my living room refresh. Before we get into the drama, let's backtrack for a second to where this all started.

You may remember the pink plaid couch that changed my life just a few short months ago. It got me to give up my beloved chesterfield sofa and set off a domino effect that has completely transformed the look of my living room.

Since the couch, I've added a stunning, marble coffee table, dramatic toile drapes, and played a big game musical chairs with my furniture. That reminds me, I also recovered some chairs. These changes and additions came together beautifully, but I quickly realized they were all building to something: a whole lot of painting.

I started with the walls, painting them "Dropcloth" by Dixie Bell Paint Co. The original wall color was one of the first color choices I'd made when we moved into this house and I was so intimidated by the decision that I just chose a random, neutral "oops paint" at Home Depot. It wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't doing much for the space. This wasn't a dramatic color change, more like a needed color correction.

The coffee table was the next to be updated. It's a beautiful, vintage piece, but was falling a bit flat with such a dark base so I painted it "Oyster" (Dixie Bell Paint Co) and did a slight brown glaze over the top. I instantly fell in love and I think the marble is showcased so much better now.

Next, I painted the frame around our TV "Holy Guacamole" (Dixie Bell Paint Co). I was so excited to see this green in person when I ordered it online and I have to say, obsessed is an understatement. If they sold this color in a larger size, I probably would've painted the whole room green. It's vibrant without being obnoxious and is so true to it's name in the best way. I'm currently trying to find more ways to incorporate it in the space.

Lastly and most controversially, I painted my vintage display case. This decision was not made lightly and I fully feel the grief so many of you expressed in my TikTok comments. The original design made the piece so cool and unique. It was all hand painted to look like wood and an absolutely striking work of art. I loved it and had lived with it as is for years, but it was time for an update.

Pictures and videos couldn't capture all the damage, but trust me when I say this display case had been through a lot. I'd considered attempting a restoration, but ultimately decided I would never be able to match the original design well enough and it was better to just reimagine what this piece could be.

I started by turning the internal lamp gold with some Rub & Buff. Then I cleaned up the glass and mirror inside and out and made as many repairs as I could with wood filler to the outside of the case. I went over the whole piece with two coats of "Terracotta" (Dixie Bell Paint Co) and then a "Whitewash Glaze". Then I added a few details and outlines in the same "Oyster" used on the coffee table.

It was hard to say goodbye to the original display case, but it's still a beautiful piece and I actually think this new style fits the room as a whole better than the darker and busier design. Especially with the explosion of mismatched patterns in this space.

All in all, I'm so pleased with how this room has changed over just a few months. It's so warm and cozy and I absolutely cannot wait to decorate it for Christmas next!


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