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Welcome to Cabin E

I recently revealed a secret project I've been working on for the past few months: a total makeover for Emmitt's room. For quite some time I'd been playing with the idea of redoing his room in a summer camp/cabin style. Something fun and outdoorsy with a little bit of nostalgic charm.

The only thing stopping me was Emmitt's obsession with the Incredible Hulk. While I'm all for creating a child's room to reflect their interests, anyone who knows a kid should know how...temporary these interests can be and I wasn't about to roll out all the stops for a Hulk bedroom when robots might be the new "it" thing three months from now.

So we compromised a bit and came up with what we both think is a really cool space.

For starters, I let him pick the color scheme. He went with the greenest green possible which was unsurprising. I hunted down a collection of furniture which I mostly painted white and created an accent wall with textured, white beadboard wallpaper to brighten up the room again.

I collected some vintage sports equipment, nature details, and other accessories from thrift shops and Facebook Marketplace. A few favorites are the set of oars we hung, the Ralph Lauren teddy bear sheets and pillow, and vintage maps, flags, and pennants.

I made sure to include lots of bulletin boards and shadow boxes as opportunities for him to feature his current interests (like the Incredible Hulk), and to have the ability to easily swap it out as those interests change. This way he can personalize his space without us having to redo the entire room.

While this space has so many cool details, the thing that really brought it all together was the bedding. I was able to find this amazing green and white plaid quilt set through Levtex Home. It's actually part of their newest Christmas collection and features a really cozy Christmas scene on the reverse side so in a couple months I'll flip it over and transform Emmitt's little cabin into a cozy Christmas cabin.

If you've been with me awhile, you may remember the "E" wall that hung/grew in Emmitt's room since he was a baby. I included one giant, crimson E from the original wall that I centered above his oars. Right as we hung it, the name for this new room came to me: Cabin E. The perfect, Emmitt-inspired space created to grow along with him and make him feel at home.

If you love the look I created in this room, you can shop some of the products and similar styles in my Amazon storefront.


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