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Repurposing Old Winter Clothes

The obvious thing to do with old winter clothes and accessories is to donate them and let them find a new home. But what about things like that really cool pair of vintage mittens you thrifted? Or the sweater your baby wore on their first Christmas that you can't bear to part with? Instead of letting these pieces sit in storage, turn them into unique art or meaningful keepsakes to display in your winter decor.

I thrifted a couple pairs of vintage wool mittens earlier this year knowing I most likely wouldn't wear them. Too old and too scratchy. BUT I thought they'd make great decor come Christmas time and here we are.

I chose a beautiful, thrifted frame from my collection and removed the backing and art. I chose a pattern from my That's A Wrap wrapping paper book and wrapped the art, then reframed it.

Next, I positioned and nailed my mittens to the center of the frame.

I love the cooler, blue and white winter color scheme of this piece and the worn, yet cozy mittens against such a beautiful botanical backdrop.

This project was so easy to put together and is a great way to preserve special, winter pieces.

Mittens were the perfect size to frame, but you could also do this with a sweater, cute socks or Christmas stockings, or even frame a scarf and have it take up the entire frame. There are so many possibilities!


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