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Things I Hate Myself For Not Thrifting

There's a lot of pressure that can come with thrifting. You can't think about a purchase and come back for it later, it's probably not going to be there. This can lead to some rash decisions (like these) and some big regrets. Here are some of my biggest thrift-regrets that I hate myself for not buying.

Let's start with some gorgeous blue and white pieces. I didn't incorporate a lot of blue in my decor until very recently, but now that I do, there are some stunning pieces I would love to go back in time and grab.

I love leather accessories, I love unique belt buckles, and I LOVE mother of pearl. This vintage western belt had it all and I have no idea why I didn't put it in the cart.

I thought this baby cloche was so cool, but it was the tiniest bit overpriced and I didn't really need it. A couple days after leaving it, I got the idea to fill it with matches instead of toothpicks. I went back, it was gone, and it's haunted me ever since.

I spotted this while vintage shopping with my mother-in-law, but didn't have the chance to buy it because someone had gotten to it first.

I passed on this top because I told myself I had too many similar ones in my closet. But I really wish I had gotten it anyway because I love neutrals, I love beading, and I would love to wear this all the time.

This was either vintage Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren, I can't remember. I passed because the colors were too bright. Love the bright colors now and the itty bitty pockets on the front.

I have an extensive mug collection so I try to keep the bar high when adding any new mugs to my cabinets. I love the handle and the color of the stripes on this one.

And I just like this one. I think it's fun.

I really like the neutral French look of these bowls and would love to have them in my kitchen now.

Really debated this vintage cow pitcher. He was so cool, but does my kitchen really need a cow pitcher? Would I use it? Yes and yes. plus it was a great price. Big mistake. How cute would it be with a bouquet of flowers??

I love these little vintage trash cans and this one would've looked great in Emmitt's room. I already had a really big haul that day so this didn't make the cut, but I wish it had and I watch for similar ones whenever I thrift now.

It wasn't possible for me to thrift this stunning hutch because I was on vacation out of state when I found it, but I would have loved to bring it home. Absolutely gorgeous!

Another trip where I had a really big haul and left some great things behind. I did end up going back for this set of three unicorn prints the next day, but they were already gone.

I try to keep my counters clutter-free so I usually avoid these types of containers, but the more I look at this set, the more I like it.

I passed on this wool Ralph Lauren top because it was a little small, but I still love the look and could totally see myself wearing it often. Plus it has elbow patches!!

I remember disliking the material of this shirt (it wasn't uncomfortable, just more athletic than I'm used to) and I never wear short-sleeve collared shirts so I left it behind. But seeing it now, it was super cute and I'd love to wear it.

I don't know why, but I feel like I'm supposed to have a chicken/rooster in my kitchen. I find them a lot so I'm being picky about which I take home. I think this might've been him.

If you follow me on TikTok, you may recognize this next one. I found an unbelievably beautiful monogram wall flourish for $8 at Goodwill. It was super heavy and so gorgeous, but the wrong letter so I left it for someone else. I should've gotten it anyway and either DIY-ed a new letter or just used it with the P anyway. I love it and I'll never recover from my mistake. I didn't even get a good, full shot of it to show off just how pretty it was.

I've found several designer bags at thrift shops, but this vintage Coach purse is the one that should've come home with me.

My mom thrifted this serving set and I'm extremely jealous. Wish I found it first, but if it has to go to someone else, I'm glad it's her. Just look at that handle!!! And they were so heavy!

This French-style mirror was stunning and I could picture several places it could go in my house.

I own a lot of plaid and I own a lot of blazers. I think this should've been one of them. I didn't get it because it was a little large, but I think I could've made it work. Love the velvet accents!

I watched this 1950's, wicker mannequin on Facebook Marketplace for a few weeks. Such an amazing piece, but priced accordingly and I couldn't justify spending that amount on it. It also had a large, red stain on the back. Crossing my fingers I find another someday.

Everything at this particular thrift shop was very overpriced to the point that I stopped looking to buy and was just looking to look. I later noticed in a video I'd taken that these sweet strawberry salt and pepper shakers were $10 which I totally would've paid!

Thrift decisions get tricky and mistakes are inevitable, but learn from me. If you have a gut feeling about a piece, BUY IT!!!

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Aug 03, 2022

Ouch, yeah, most of those things for me ! The cow, the mannequin, toothpick match holder, def the clothes!

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