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Things I Will Never Buy New

I spilled on things I will never (or next to never) buy at the thrift store and now it's time to share five things I will probably only buy secondhand.

1. Lesser-Used Kitchen Items

If there's a kitchen item I need, but know I wont use often, I'll most likely be buying it at the thrift store. Things like cupcake tins, a ravioli stamp, etc.

2. Art

Ok, I will buy new art from artists, but gone are the days of decorating my walls with mass-produced pieces from Target or Hobby Lobby. I find so much great art at an amazing price at thrift stores and I think it makes my home look more personal and authentically curated.

3. Furniture

There's nothing wrong with new furniture, I just don't think I'll every be able to bring myself to buy it again. Spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a piece that drastically drops in value the second I bring it home just doesn't sound like a good time to me.

4. A Lot Of Designer Labels

I admire the people who treat themselves to designer purses, shoes, etc. But I personally can never justify the purchase. There's just so many other things I can do with that money and I love the unexpected thrill I get when I find a vintage piece from my favorite designers hidden away at a thrift store or garage sale.

5. Formal Dresses

This isn't a never, but I'm always going to check the thrift store first if I need a formal dress. No one at the event will be wearing the same thing as me, it's something that probably didn't get a lot of use the first time, and I probably wont wear it very often either so it's nice to save on it. Plus, with all the money I'm saving, I can have the piece altered to look like it was made for me!

Is there anything you just can't bring yourself to buy new anymore? Or something you always check secondhand shops for first?


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