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What I Thrifted VS How I Styled It: Crown Canopy

When I spotted this mid-century shelf at a thrift shop, I thought I'd hit the jackpot and found a crown canopy topper. I'd seen the regal-style canopies on Pinterest a couple times and loved the look. Once I got it down from the top shelf, I was a little disappointed it was just a shelf, but it looked so much like an upside down tiara that I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I bought it and decided to make my own princess canopy for Isla's room.

I found the shelf months ago and a lot has evolved in her room since then. The biggest change being wallpapering half the room. But this lead to some more inspiration for the canopy project. Years ago I thrifted a gorgeous king-size duvet cover that I've always used as a curtain in Emmitt's nursery and now Isla's. I loved the pattern and it just so happens to resemble the pattern of the new wallpaper. I made the decision to retire the bedspread from its days as drapes and use it as my canopy fabric.

Nathan flipped the shelf for me and I began stapling my fabric around it.

I wanted to preserve the fabric as much as possible because I really do love it and will most likely use it as a bedspread someday. But punching a few holes through it seemed to be the best way to secure it and I'm just crossing my fingers that those holes stay tiny forever and I don't have to do any major mending in the future.

I wanted the fabric to visually have a lot of movement once hung so I gathered the fabric as I stapled. Once I got to the front, I switched to stapling upwards into the crown shelf (still pleating my fabric) and turned my final edge of fabric inwards to create a nice, soft line down the front.

Nathan hung up the finished canopy nice and secure for me and I got right to straightening and styling.

On a trip to Tennessee this past summer, I found a set of framed Jesus pictures and four little flying doves probably from the 70's. As soon as I saw those doves, the set went straight into my cart. They totally matched the style of Isla's room and I knew I'd find a fun, fairytale way to use them.

In true princess fashion, I hung a little bird on either side of the canopy and put two more nails through my fabric so it looks like the birds are pulling the canopy open, waking up a sleeping princess.

The finished look is SO cute and looks even better than it did in my head! I can't even tell you how much I love it and I was instantly inspired to make a couple more changes to the space.

I removed the vintage embroidery piece from behind her crib, hung a metal branch to look like it's coming in from the window. I have one more really cool idea for this wall that's in the works so check back soon for an update on this fairytale inspired space!

When thrifting, remember to look at things not for what they are, but for what they could be.

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