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Where Are They Now? Thrift Edition

Almost a year ago, I made a series of videos showing everything I bought vs everything I left behind during a thrift trip. Let's revisit those finds, see if I have any regrets and see what's still in my closet a year later.

Everything I Didn't Buy

Striped Button Down

I still think this is a really cute top, but I can see why I left it. Button downs and I don't always get along and even now I'm thinking I wish it had a little more length in the arms and at the waist.

Yellow/Green Button Down

Again with the button downs. While I love wearing certain yellows, I don't see myself reaching for this shade often.

Blue Button Down

What was it with me and button downs this day?! I do like this button down a lot more. It's got the looser fit I want and I think it's a cute, timeless style. However, that hole sealed the deal then and it seals the deal now. NEXT!

Bell Sleeves

I tried this one on for fun and I remember it being surprisingly comfortable, but I stand by my decision to pass.

Jester Blouse

I remember liking this top and thinking it was a great color. Giving strong "jester" vibes with those sleeves, but not necessarily in a bad way. I could see myself wearing this in an office setting, but that's not my life so still pass.

White Button Down

I'm a little surprised I didn't get this because I'm a sucker for a good white top, but I'm also happy I didn't because I now have others in my closet I know I like better and would wear more.

Plaid Blouse

Also surprised this one was a no. I love plaid and I can appreciate cute ruffle accents. What I was thinking then is probably the same thing I'm thinking now: "2015-2018 Mariah would've loved this." It's not really what I wear anymore.

Blue Turtleneck

If I have any regrets, it's this blue turtleneck. I think the color is stunning and I really love how far up the pearl buttons go on the sleeve. If I found this while thrifting now, I'd probably get it.

Striped Dress

Big nope on this one then and now. It's fun, but not me, I'd have to iron it every time I washed it, and that plunging v-neck is completely impractical for me.

Botanical Dress

I can see the disappointment on my face with this dress and I remember how cute it was on the hanger and what I hoped it would look like on me. It was totally shapeless and doing me no favors. Still a pretty pattern and colors.

Everything I Bought

Off-The-Shoulder Floral

This was a little snug when I tried it on and it was a little snug when I gave it away months later. I still love that tiny floral pattern, but the off-the-shoulder style was really annoying to wear in such a small size.

Heather Gray Top

I still have this and it's still very comfy and cozy, but I mostly wear it as pjs.

Cream Button Down

This is still in my closet and I still really like it. I always have certain expectations for what it will look like on and I don't know that it ever looks how I think it will in my head, but I do still wear it.

Astros Baseball-Tee

Did I know this was a sports shirt when I bought it? Absolutely. Is that why I bought it? Absolutely not. I'm gonna level with you...I don't care about any sports AT ALL. Sorry. Why get it then? Because I love the style of baseball-Tee's and it had an H on it (my last name). Yes, I know exactly how stupid that sounds. I only intended to wear it as pjs and around the house, but it did make its way onto my social media a couple times and I kept getting people cheering for the Astros in my comments so I re-donated it out of fear that I'd eventually get caught as a fraud baseball-lover. I just couldn't live the lie anymore.

Striped T-Shirt

This was a Madewell top and I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I don't think there's anything special about it either. I never wear it, but it's still in the back of my closet.

Vintage Dress

The only vintage piece I found this day and the only item I stand behind 1000%. I adore this dress. It's really well-made and very comfortable. It makes me wish I did still work in an office because I'd wear it all the time. I don't wear it terribly often, but I do wear it.

Looking back and reevaluating my choices on this thrift trip from the past has been kind of eye opening for me. I know my style has evolved over the last year, but it's really interesting to see just how many of my "yes's" I don't like anymore and have already gotten rid of. I think this is going to make me a lot more critical and picky on my next thrift trip because I really do want to be buying pieces that add value to my closet and have some amount of longevity.


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