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Everything I Thrifted In Florida

I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico last month for a bachelorette party, but due to two hurricanes, my plans were derailed. The trip was cancelled, but my flight was not and couldn't be changed so I took it as an opportunity to spend some time with my mom who lives in Florida (one of my layovers on the way to Puerto Rico).

We took a Segway tour of Miami, ate tons of amazing food there are in Orlando, I accompanied her on a Facebook Marketplace pickup, and we thrifted just about every day. It was so nice to get away for a few days and spend some time together!

Here's me looking ridiculously cool on vacation.

Unfortunately, I had to leave behind the majority of my thrift finds because they wouldn't fit in my bag for the flight home. Scroll through to see everything I thrifted in Florida, what I was able to bring home, and what's still stashed away at my mom's house.

I was JUST telling my mom I was hoping to find faux amaryllis for my Christmas decor when I spotted this one at the thrift shop. Faux amaryllis are hard to find with the bulbs, but I can totally deconstruct and repurpose this one! Also found these orchids I plan to reuse too, but I left those at my mom's for now.

You'll get to see the revamped amaryllis in the December issue!

I'm finding myself wearing more and more Mickey Mouse lately. Not because I'm a "Disney-adult", but because my kids like me a lot more when I'm sporting Mickey.

Adding this sheer plaid top to my Christmas wardrobe.

I had to buy this. It matched my nails.

I was a GAP kid growing up and definitely would've worn this exact hoodie. I thought the stripes were so cute and a fun little throwback to my 2000's style.

Almost didn't get this vintage men's sweater, but I changed my mind at the last second.

I love a cute crewneck sweater and this hand-painted one was so soft inside.

How darling is this little golf cardigan??? I don't even like golf, but I had to add this fun piece to my collection.

Found two little sweaters for Isla.

A sink for your sink. Let that sink in.

Two vintage children's books.

I'm obsessed with these bird prints. They were way too big to fit in my suitcase so they're still in Florida, but I'm already planning how I'll use them.

This ornate gold frame is also waiting for me back at my mom's which breaks my heart a little. I really wanted to bring this one home right away!

I absolutely could not leave these tapestry pillow cases behind. I took out the filler, crammed them in my carry-on, and they're currently fluffed and beautiful on my couch.

One thrift shop had an entire basket full of plate hangers for 25 cents!!! I took a handful and left the rest for someone else.

I was telling my mom how no stores sell good tassels anymore and the next day I found these and took it as a sign to get them.

I don't really know why I bought this, it's just cute.

I have a weakness for fabric and I just couldn't leave these patriotic cuties behind!

Also scored a couple floral curtain panels.

I was really excited to bring this veggie mug home for soup, but ended up leaving it behind for now.

I'm currently working on building plate wall collections to add to my shop and this beauty will definitely be in one of them.

Lastly, these vintage, floral salt and pepper shakers.


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