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Just A Coincidence?

A couple months ago, I found a really pretty blue dress at the thrift shop. It reminded me so much of the styles my mom wore when I was growing up and was a perfect fit so I got it.

Later that day I was on a call with my mom and told her about the dress. I sent her a picture and she was shocked. That WAS her dress from when I was growing up! (Not her dress, but the same dress.)

I probably subconsciously recognized the dress, but I didn't realize until she showed me an old photo and all the memories came flooding back. I sent the picture of my dress to my sister and she instantly recognized it from our childhood so I guess her memory is better than mine.

Finding this exact dress after all those years was so crazy, but the story doesn't end there.

I was thrifting a couple weeks ago and spotted the dress yet again, this time in pink! It was a few sizes larger, but I got it anyway and plan to alter it.

What are the odds of finding the dress at all much less twice so close together?? I absolutely think it was meant to be and it's probably one of my coolest thrifting stories.


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