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My Most Haunted Thrift Finds

In the spirit of spooky season, I asked myself a question every thrifter/vintage lover asks themselves at some point. Is any of my stuff haunted? After all, we collect a lot of things that belonged to now-deceased people or that came from mysterious or unknown origins. Statistically speaking, we're bound to pick up a ghost or two, right?

So if any of the things I've collected over the years are indeed harboring spirits, which ones? Why? And are they friendly or unfriendly?


You always see things going down with mirrors in horror movies. Broken mirrors bringing bad luck, people or spirits trapped in mirrors, portals to other worlds through mirrors. I've got a ton of old mirrors so I'm willing to bet at least one of them has something spooky going on. I've never seen a movie with a friendly mirror ghost so my guess is unfriendly for this one.

The Bell Ladies

I'd include these brass bell figurines on my list of haunted finds mainly because it's a cool horror movie title. "The Bell Ladies. In theaters this October." But also because little figurines are always up to mischief within the horror genre. Friendly or unfriendly? Definitely unfriendly.

One of My Old Books

When I thrift antique books, I rarely look at the title or what they're about. I bet I threw an old, cursed spell book into my cart at one point and didn't even notice. I don't think this would count as a ghost necessarily, but rather a magical object with connections to a spirit realm or something along those lines. I'm going friendly on this one because if I ever find where I put this mysterious book, it could be very helpful.

The Vintage Horse Game

I found this vintage game and thought it was so cool! But I've never been able to find clear instructions for how to play or another game like it online. (I do know cards might be involved and have found almost-similar games online. If you know the name of this game or how to play, help me out!) Because it's such a mystery to me still, chances are it's from the makers of Jumanji. Obviously, an unfriendly/evil find.

The Yellow Rocking Chair

I love this vintage, velvet rocking chair, but I've always wondered about its history before us. I found it listed on Marketplace for $20 and messaged right away. TONS of people were messaging on it and it was going to whoever could get there first. The plan was to try to grab it once Nathan got off work, but then I saw that the listing had been changed. "Free, on the curb, someone come get it." I BEGGED Nathan to pick it up for me on his way home from the office thinking there's no way it's still going to be there. But it was and he got it for me! Seems like a happy story, but why did they want it out of their house so quickly? If there was so much interest in it, why not raise the price or wait a couple hours and at least make $20?

Not the cauldron???

No, not the cauldron. I bought it from the original owner and she didn't strike me as a witch in any way. When I asked how much for the cauldron, her response was "The what? Oh the little soup pot?". So I don't think my cauldron is haunted, but you can read all about how cool it still is here.


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