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Notes from Paris

On a recent thrift trip, I was looking through the art and stumbled upon something truly amazing. A collage of hand-written receipts all from Paris. Only one had a date (1971), but I assume they were all gathered on the same trip. As soon as I realized what it was, it went straight into my cart!

If you follow me on social media, you'll know I'm slowly but surely piecing together my kitchen in a neutral, semi-French style. I thought these receipts would be such a unique element to include on my walls, especially if they were rehung in vintage frames.

When I got home I searched through my stash of frames setting aside any that were gold or had a french style. I've made a point to look for more frames each time I thrift and still have a few more to get before I can frame all the receipts and papers, but here's a look at how this project is coming along so far.

When I opened the original frame box, a lot of the papers were stuck together. I don't know if a glue stick had been used or time had fused them together, but I carefully separated them. The back layer was the hardest to remove and I should've just cut out the paper backing and left it attached which I did do for the last, most-stuck paper. You can totally see how anxious I was about tearing the papers.

I carefully positioned each page or pages and used leftover scrapbook paper as a backdrop. They look even better than I envisioned up on my walls and are the perfect little detail for this kitchen mixed with my other art. I'm still working out where to hang and style each one and am searching for the perfect frames for my remaining receipts, but I love what they've added to this space so far.

Thank you to whoever visited Paris in the 70's and had the brilliant idea to keep and frame their receipts!


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