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The Easiest Way To Add Vintage To Your Outfits

One of the easiest ways to casually incorporate vintage into your wardrobe without it feeling costume-y or over the top is through vintage bags. Your bag is a part of your outfit that is usually allowed and/or expected to stand out and choosing a good, vintage purse can be a great way to showcase your personality, love of vintage, and add some uniqueness to your outfit. Here are a few vintage bags from my collection that I love to pair with more modern outfits.

Beaded clutches might be the first style to come to mind when you think of vintage purses and they may be a little fancy for most modern looks, but it's all about finding the right color and size. Something matching the shape and size of modern casual clutches can work just fine and brighter colors can be seen as less formal and easier to style with something like jeans and a T-shirt.

A mid-century leather purse may just be the ideal vintage bag. Something classic with great lines that is sure to be noticed without looking like you're trying too hard. A neutral leather is timeless, but there are so many fantastic colors that were popular during that time so if you find something like a fun baby blue or eye-catching orange, even better!

A straw bag or market bag is always a good go-to. I featured a great market bag a few months back and I've been loving this American flag bag I thrifted for the summer! A classic, Americana piece I can see working with so many summer outfits.

This is one of my all-time favorite bags. I'm a sucker for a toile motif and I'm obsessed with the moody dark greens and subtle pink details in this design. I almost didn't buy this bag and I totally would've been kicking myself if I didn't. It goes perfectly with my style and looks great with almost everything in my closet. I always get compliments on it and the large bucket style makes it really easy to toss things in and fish them back out as needed throughout the day. When you find a vintage bag that fits your personality so well, get it!!

Another fun favorite is this mid-century alligator bag. I've shared it before and it's worth sharing again. A fun and unexpected piece to accessorize an outfit with and a great neutral to reach for.

Never pass up a gorgeous, vintage bag and don't feel like your entire outfit needs to feel vintage for it to go together! Most importantly, when you find a vintage bag you know you'll use and you know is a quality piece, make the investment and splurge!


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