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The Last Project of the Year

I'm closing out the year on a really high note as far as projects go. You may remember I ended 2022 with the installation of a beautiful set of vintage doors leading into the library. It was a huge change that we'd been dreaming of making for a long long time and it felt so good to finally make it a reality.

The house is coming full circle it seems because I'm right where I started, putting the finishing touches on that same wall.

I wanted to do something really dramatic with the wall to showcase the doors and wallpaper seemed like the perfect option. Because of where this wall is, I was looking for a design that would coordinate well with the entryway, our living room, and the library because I consider it to be a part of all three spaces visually.

The first place I thought to check was Photowall Sweden, who we got Isla's wallpaper from a couple years ago. I'm still so impressed with the quality of her paper and how easy it was to install and knew I didn't want a repeat of the Amazon wallpaper fiasco from Emmitt's room (mediocre results, nightmare process). Photowall of course had a design that was beyond perfect! It's called "Ancestral" and it's the perfect mix of moody, dramatic, feminine, and vintage, plus all the colors I was looking to incorporate.

Installation was a breeze and only took me a couple hours from start to finish which was great considering all the angles and details I had to cut around on this wall. Two panels in I was obsessed and I just about died seeing the whole thing finished! I gotta tell ya, sitting and staring at a wall is actually not as bad as people make it out to be. At least not when the wall is this drop dead gorgeous.

When Nathan and his dad broke through this wall to install the doors last year, I asked if they could put in an extra outlet while they had it open. A few months before I'd thrifted a stunning set of sconces and knew I wanted to hang them on either side of the doors.

Little did I know just how well they would end up fitting the style of this wall! They perfectly coordinate with the romantic and wispy flourishes and leaves and add even more drama to an already theatrical space!

I do still have to paint a large wall vent to blend in and I'm playing with the idea of painting the trim or adding crown molding, but all that will just have to wait until 2024.


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